Postcard Panda Press Kit


Available for iPhones and iPads in the US and UK app stores.

  • USA - $1.99 per card
  • UK - £1.75 per card
The Pitch

Digital communication such as text and email allow us to remain more connected than ever before, at the cost of thoughtful, artistic correspondence. There’s nothing quite like opening your mailbox to find a photo of a smiling loved one staring up at you. That moment of emotional connection, and the subsequent refrigerator pinning, is what I hope to facilitate in our increasingly digital world. Whether it’s a vacation, birthday, thank you, or holiday greeting; postcards provide a physical manifestation of thoughtfulness.

Who's behind the app?

Matt Sencenbaugh is the independent product engineer behind Postcard Panda. My hobbies include traveling, weightlifting, reading, and making simple software that is actually useful.